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Introductory offer: :$150 off for the month of July

 Consultation: $50 
(Included in price if you choose to do the service)

 Microblading $550

: 6 to 8 months: $150 
 1 year: $200
 2 years: $250 
  Ater 2 years : Full Price

50% deposit is required for this service and then rest of payment due at time of appointment. A 72 hours notice to cancel appointment is required or you will forfeit deposit.

What is Microblading?

Microblading are 3D individual hair strokes to create a fuller brow.Pigments are used with small angled needles. The look is impressive. Retouch 6 to 8 weeks after to check pigment after healing. Pigment will fade over time and each person is different  however color pigment should last for two years.

Who a candidates for this procedure?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and has normal to dry skin. Micropigmentation is a better approach to create brows if you have oily skin. We will be offering this as well in July.

Those who are not candidates for the procedure include:
  • Patients with active skin disorders, such as pink eye.
  • Patients with AIDS, diabetes, dry eye syndrome, blood disorders, hepatitis C or lupus.
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Patients with soft-tissue fillers for 3 months
  • Patients who have taken Accutane in the last six months.
  • Patients who have cancer ( wait at least 6 months to a year after treatment).

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