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   Nail & Hair Services and Packages
Natural Nail Care Manicures
Express Manicure
 Shaping of nails, pushing cuticles back, and polish
Sports Manicure
A men's manicure with out polish
Basic Manicure
Hand soak to soften cuticles, pushing cuticles and shaping nail with a hand massage and polish 
French Manicure
Everything you receive from a manicure with a French polish 
Gel Manicure 
A gel manicure is done with a gel polish of your choice and lasts for up to 3 weeks
 Spa Mango Peel Manicure
Basic manicure with a glycholic hand treatment to rejuvenate new cell production to hands
Detoxifying Manicure
A basic manicure with impurities being pulled from the nails and skin
Hot Stone Manicure
   This manicure is for tired stressed muscles 
 Deluxe Spa Manicure
A deluxe manicure is any spa manicure with a deep moisturizing hand treatment
Cuccio Deep Moisturizing hand or leg and foot wrap
        Leaves dry skin feeling smooth for weeks
$20 for hands
$30 for feet and legs
Deep Therapy Hand Treatment  
 Natural Nail Care Pedicures
Express Pedicure
A relaxing foot soak with your toe nails being shaped , buffed and polished
Sports Pedicure
A men's pedicure with no polish
Basic Pedicure
Relaxing soak with your toes being clipped and buffed to perfection . Exfoliation of callus and then leg ,   foot massage and polish
French Pedicure
Our basic pedicure with French polish
Gel Pedicure
Basic pedicure with your choice of Gel polish that lasts up to 3 weeks 
Spa Mango Peel Pedicure
Basic pedicure with a glycolic treatment to rejuvenate new cell grouth for smoother legs
    Essential Oil Pedicure
Basic pedicure with essential oils really softens dry skin and calluses
Chocolate Detox Pedicure
Our basic pedicure with detoxifying soaks to cleanse the body of toxins
Hot Stone Pedicure
Any spa pedicure with hot stone massage for sore feet
 Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Your choice of a spa pedicure with a deep moisturizing treatment
**Add French Polish or Nail Art to any Manicure or Pedicure
$5 and up
**You can view some of our work at the bottom of the products page!
Nail Enhancements
Full Set of Pink & White Bio Sculpture Gel's
 Full set of Bio sculpture Gel's
Full Set Of Pink & White
Pink & White Fill
Full Sets Of Acrylics 
Regular Fill
Overlays of Acrylics or Gel's
Express Acrylic Manicure
24 Hour Booking at A Handful Salon
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